NOISEY Interview: Dreezy is the Crown Princess of Chicago Rap

Check out Dreezy's interview with Vice/Noisey:

“I want to be the new face of female hip-hop,” Dreezy brazenly declares to me on the phone, from her hometown of Chicago. This, at first, seems like an ambitious goal for a 20-year-old rapper who dropped her first solo project only a few months ago. But given the musical malleability she’s already demonstrated and the dedication to her craft that becomes apparent as we continue to talk, her goal begins to seem increasingly realistic.

Dreezy, or Seandrea Sledge, grew up on the South Side of Chicago, moving frequently and spending time with each of her parents in different suburbs, as well as the Chatham, Marquette Park, and Hyde Park neighborhoods. Coming from an upbringing that forced her to constantly be on the move, Dreezy turned to the arts, which allowed her to escape some of the realities of her life. She tried her hand at dancing, writing, and singing. Her knack for writing helped her grow as a singer and songwriter, but she outgrew singing and gravitated towards rapping around the age of 14. From that point forward, her evolution as a rapper has been impressive.

As she delved into rapping, Dreezy became tight with fellow female Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard, scoring a feature on Sasha’s track “I Ain’t No Hitta” in 2012. In 2013, Dreezy dropped the collaborative mixtape Business N Pleasure with another Chicago rapper Mikey Dollaz. She then released her first solo project Schizo on February 25, 2014. Still, she remained relatively unknown.

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